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Where Are You Going?

Would you mind if I asked you a very important question? If your heart stops beating now, do you know where you would go? You may say, ‘John, I have a long life ahead of me. I don’t want to worry about that now; let me enjoy my life’.

With all due respect, I would like to remind you of the undeniable fact that ‘life is so uncertain’. With the rise of calamities, terrorist attacks, freak accidents, sicknesses and loads of other factors, even our next breath is not guaranteed!

Such being the case, let me ask you this question again, “If you come face-to-face with death now, where would you go?” There’s no greater time to think and come to terms with this reality than right now.

The truth of the matter is that there are only two places where one could land after death – HEAVEN or HELL. There is no other – and the most important thing is that our stay in either of them is FOREVER and EVER and EVER!  There will be no end to it.

You may say, “But, I am a really good person. I have not done any ‘big’ sin or crime. I have done so many good deeds like charitable works, attended church regularly and have a good record of spiritual activities – I am sure I won’t go to HELL; after all, I am much better than most people!”

I beg your pardon. I want to let you know that GODs standards are not the same as ours. For Him, there’s no differentiation of sin, as in ‘big sins’ and ‘small sins’. For Him, a sin is a sin, irrespective of the magnitude. For a thrice-holy GOD as He is, grumbling and murmuring is as great a-magnitude of sin as lying and stealing. Hating someone is as equal to committing murder and eying someone lustfully is equivalent to committing adultery – and the wages of sin is eternal damnation in HELL.

Here`s the most important thing: we are not termed as a ‘sinner’ because we do sin. We have a tendency to commit sin (ἁμαρτάνω – action word of sin) because we have inherited the nature of sin ( ἁμαρτία – noun word of sin).

Are you getting chills in your spine wondering how you can make it to HEAVEN with all these conditions put forth? Fear not! Worry not! Here’s the good news: since GOD knows that we cannot make it to HEAVEN – no matter how hard we try, He decided to give us the ticket to HEAVEN as a FREE GIFT to us!

‘Wait a minute…, did I say FREE GIFT?’ YES! GOD so loved us that He sent His ONLY begotten son, JESUS to come down to Earth and to take up the sins of the whole world upon Himself, died and rose again, so that whoever believes in Him shall get the free gift of ETERNAL LIFE.

Because of the finished work of JESUS, we have been transferred from the state of sin to the state of everlasting Righteousness which means Right-standing before GOD – a condition in which GOD is absolutely pleased with us and accepts us – irrespective of our sins, weakness and shortcomings!

Irrespective of our past, background, faith or culture, we are entitled to this gift which will not only give us an abundant life on Earth but also enable us to live forever in a happy, sickness and sorrow-free place – HEAVEN!

If you want to receive this gift, all you have to do is invite JESUS into your life. You can do it right where you are by just saying, “JESUS, I realize that I am a sinner and cannot match up to your standards. But, I thank you that you came down and shed your blood to redeem me. I welcome you into my life. Please come over and take control of me. Help me to live the life of victory and abundance that you have set for me.”

If you just invited JESUS into your life, I want to notify you that you are a new creation today. Take time out regularly to develop your relationship with Him and strengthen your walk by reading the Bible, attending a faith-filled Bible-based church and grow in His leading and I declare that you will live the real victorious life that you were created to live!

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