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About John Giftah

      John Giftah S is an inspirational voice to multitudes across the globe through TV, YouTube, Podcasts, LIVE sessions and various other platforms. Apart from being an Aerospace Engineer, he is also an Ordained Evangelist and a Certified Life Coach who started the John Giftah International® to take the message of hope and good news to humanity and to help them live the life that they were created for. He has authored two books, “Who Am I?” and “Unveil Your Purpose”. His first book, “Who Am I?”, released in 2017 dived into helping its readers understand their Identity and “Unveil Your Purpose” released in 2020 takes its readers on a quest to discover their purpose and to live it. He has often been invited to speak in schools, colleges, corporates, churches, ministries, personality sessions and so on.


      In the year 1993, there was a 45-day old baby in a very critical condition in the hospital. Every doctor who checked the baby came back with a negative report. Even the experts of the field came nodding their heads saying “Inform all your relatives. This baby is going to pass out.”

      But the same baby upon whom the doctors had passed a death sentence is the one who founded this ministry - John Giftah! That’s how his life began defying the laws of medical sciences and proving that GOD works beyond all limits.

      Raised under a godly influence, life was normal and mundane till he witnessed the first-hand power of GOD during Benny Hinn’s historic service in Bangalore which opened his eyes to the reality of GOD. His grandma was instrumental in exposing him to the various ministers of GOD which inturn birthed a new interest to the things of GOD as he started taking the things of GOD more seriously and the thirst for the LORD deepened as time went by.

      At the age of 15, the LORD began ministering to him through dreams and the manifestations of the Anointing began to increase as he began spending more and more time reading the Word. His grandfather had completed reading the Bible cover-to-cover 48 times in the last 6 years of his life and this inspired John to keep feeding on the Word. At a time when his peers used to hang out or discuss the latest movies or cricket matches, he would prefer to spend time reading the Word. As he moved to a residential university for his degree program, it gave him more time to spend with the LORD. The Lord began opening up doors to minister, counsel and preach the Word at various prayer groups.

      In November of 2010, he had a glimpse of hell which woke him up with a zeal to preach the Gospel to every soul possible. “After seeing the reality of hell, I couldn’t bear to see anyone dying without CHRIST,” says John as he speaks of his life-transforming encounter.

      Though he started receiving invitations to speak at various sessions by 2011, he began sending daily inspirations through text messages and social media since 2012. He started having supernatural encounters where the anointing broke forth with unbelievable results with some miracles, signs and wonders. Twice, John called upon the LORD and brought down rain in totally amazing ways. He has witnessed first-hand healings, supernatural encounters including conversations with GOD, demons fleeing, and so on. Even now, the supernatural is a part and parcel of this ministry with many testimonies of people getting healed and he has also been a source of counsel to various people across all age groups.

 The Commission

      One afternoon in the university, the LORD visited John in a vision and gave him insight into what He had in store for him. In an encounter that went on for hours, JESUS gave him directions to start an International Ministry that will encourage and guide people into the truth. “That was a spectacular moment when I felt the Anointing like strong electricity,” says John as he recalls the great commissioning moment.

      Soon after that, he started the John Giftah International® ministry operating through WhatsApp and continued the regular text and social media messages and counseling sessions. It began under the JGI banner on 19 September with less than 10 people receiving the daily audio messages which has now expanded to a congregation strength of hundreds upon hundreds of people (to even thousands sometimes) of all faiths, denominations, age groups, and nationalities! After the success of the audio messages, he brought forth many initiatives like Celeb-Quest (Praying for a celebrity each day), Nation-Quest (praying for a Nation each day), WhatsApp Bible Quiz, Song O’ Pedia (Introducing a new song each time).

      John continues to use his gifts of encouraging-one-another (Romans 12:8), teaching, counseling, story writing and his experiences coupled with the Anointing of GOD to reach the unreached.  

      On a different note, he has been featured in many fan clubs and in “The New Indian Express” newspaper for his love for Scooby-Doo and his collection of Scooby-Doo merchandise which garnered him the nickname “Scooby Pastor”.

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