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JGI receives several testimonies of people being transformed, renewed and healed - All Glory be to JESUS! Here are a few to encourage you!

Testimonies & Praise Reports


I am really blessed to be a part of JGI. The short messages have blessed us as a family and sometimes when we are facing a particular situation or praying for something, we get the right JGI messages we need at that time - The messages are like an answer to our prayer!. 


Our family was facing a lot of troubles and opposition as we were trying to build a wall around our house. Exactly when we were contemplating it, we received an inspirational message from the JGI Broadcast on how Nehemiah faced opposition while trying to build a wall but was victorious with GOD's help. The message not only came at the right time to encourage us, but it also boosted our trust in GOD and He helped us complete building our wall!


Neck pain Healed: I had severe pain in my neck and as I was listening to John's podcast that day, he was specifically led to pray for somebody having neck pain and I was immediately healed! 


"I really believe that it takes faith to stay and I am so grateful to Evangelist John Giftah and JGI for standing by and encouraging through thick and thin."



Ligament Issue and Pain Healed: I had severe pain in my left knee due to a ligament issue and tried all pain killers but nothing helped. I sent a message asking John to pray and as he began praying, I was healed immediately! I just couldn't believe it!

Angeline L

"I am so blessed by John Giftah's messages. I love the way he practically teaches the Word of GOD and GOD used him to draw me closer towards GOD's call and ministry for my life." 

Madhu Shekar 


Thanking GOD for JGI and our dear brother John Giftah for his humble, quiet and humorous spirit yet, powerful in Word and strong in faith, patiently waiting on the LORD to complete the work He has begun in Him. For us in particular, his ministry came into our lives while in a season of wilderness to quench our thirst and hunger, His messages and meetings helped us so much.

Cyril and Rachel 


Healed of Pain: My mom had terrible pain and found it so difficult to even move. But, with great difficulty, she came to the JGI Service and was healed completely during the service!


"JGI is such a blessing. I appreciate so very much that you stand on the truth and look to JESUS. Thank you John for being trustworthy and a light."



"I hear the voice of GOD through your posts! It's so inspiring! GOD bless you!"

Shando Shanty


The Word of Confirmation: GOD bless you, John. Thanks for the encouraging Word today. GOD told me today to go, help and be with some people who are going through health issues. They are in a state of helplessness. But as I myself am going through so much, I was unable to go to help and comfort. But GOD told me to go and be with them as a source of comfort. So, I went. It was really painful to see how they all needed some hope and I ministered to them. But, I was asking GOD for a sign if He wants me to continue this ministry. Due to my health, I thought that I will stop now but, your Word today on, “Hurting but still ministering” was like a direct Word from the LORD to continue to minister to people even though I am still going through all these challenges. I was glad to get the right Word at the right time. I believe that He is telling me to continue this good work and this ministry. So, please pray for me. GOD bless you.
Mrs. Meena


“There have been times when I felt hopeless and every day, as I read the ministry messages, it gives me the boost to look forward to the blessings that GOD has in store for me. Many times, the ministry has made me realize that GOD has an amazing way of bringing up his children not perceivable by human minds. The messages have encouraged me on a daily basis to look to the Father to take care of my problems, issues, troubles, worries, anxieties, demands, needs.”
Sankar Sam


The RAIN MIRACLE (QATAR): I was listening to John's message on asking GOD for a confirmation where he shared about how GOD had brought down rain out of nowhere to confirm a Word. After listening to the message that night, I asked GOD to confirm a Word to me by bringing down a shower of rain. I wanted to know that He is really working in and through me and is listening to my prayers. Trust me friends, the next day, the Lord brought a downpour, here in Qatar, suddenly! He was faithful in confirming His word! I was so excited to see the way the LORD worked in my life! Let us continue to pray for JGI!


I really love the way John brings out the messages in such a creative way! It's a blessing!


“Every day, JESUS speaks to me through the audio messages which help me grow each day, both spiritually and mentally. I thank GOD for this wonderful ministry.”


The ministry has been wonderful. Having a new sermon or message every day is not only inspiring but motivational. I’m currently going through a lot of downs in life but your words from the Bible really help me face every day with a smile.

Sonia David


"There's always something new when I check your content and there's so much to learn!" 


Thank you, John! Being blessed by your ministry. May GOD continue to bless you and use you as a channel to touch more lives!
Mrs. Shirley


I will be confused thinking a particular thing and suddenly a message pops out in JGI group. That would be the answer to my confusion. This has happened so many times”


"John's teachings are so profound and always bless me greatly"


The messages are a huge inspiration for me. Thank you, John!



“The JGI Ministry through `WhatsApp' is very useful to me to get strengthened in faith amidst a lot of trials, sickness and challenges that I face every day. God is using John in a wonderful and mighty way and has made him a blessing to many more people. The short audio messages have always been a blessing and have helped me renew my strength in Christ. Especially when my father was undergoing the treatment for tongue cancer, the prayer support I received from John and his short audio messages to stand in faith were so amazing…yes God helped my father to get healed and he is living as a testimony for the Glory of GOD…Praise GOD.”
Mrs. Judith Percy


“The Messages have been an eye-opener so many times.”


“My family came to know the Lord recently and I was introduced to JGI by my friend. The Messages helped me grow in the LORD daily. I am looking forward to hearing each day's message.”

“I could not break out of so many things. But, listening to the inspiring messages helped me let go of wrong TV programs and bad friend circles.”


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