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Through It All

My heart’s indeed shattered into pieces And I long for a peace that never ceases; A deep void has beset and engulfed me Negativity.., negativity – That’s all I can see!

Who will know the condition of my heart -broken and crushed from the very start? Who can comprehend all that I am going through -A friend or a kin? – No, that’s certainly not true!

How long can I hide behind a smile- When my trouble-list runs out for miles? Can the broken pieces ever be fixed? Will the storms of my life ever be ceased?

Through it all, I've certainly come to realize There’s a reason for every detail of our lives! Clinging on to the silver lining on the cloud The assured Word that GOD spoke out loud!

On His Word am I standing night and day Knowing His promises will never fade away! Though the weeping may endure for a while I rest on the joy of the LORD like a little child!


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